Sun Cluster 3.0 - 3.1 with StorageTek Fibre Channel RAID Arrays Manual for Solaris OS

Storage Array Cabling Configurations

You can install your storage array in several different configurations: Figure 2–1 and Figure 2–2 are two examples.

Figure 2–1 SPARC: StorageTek Array Direct-Connect Configuration

Illustration: Each node has 2 connections to the service
panel. These 2 connections reside on both I/O boards.

Note –

The StorageTek 6140 array houses two controllers each having four host ports. The cabling approach is the same as shown in Figure 2–1, but it can support up to four nodes in a direct-attach configuration.

Figure 2–2 StorageTek Array Switched Configuration

Illustration: Each node connects to 2 switches. Each
switch has 2 connections to service panel. Switch connections reside on both
I/O boards.