Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Requirements for Calendar Server 6.3

This section describes the hardware and software required and recommended for this release of Calendar Server.

Product Version Compatibility Requirements for Calendar Server 6.3.

Calendar Server is compatible with the product versions listed in this section:

Table 2–3 Product Version Compatibility Requirements for Calendar Server 6.3.



Sun Cluster 


Sun Java System Directory Server 

5.1, 5.2, 6.0 

Sun Java System Message Queue 


Sun Java System Access Manager (formerly called Identity Server) 

Legacy 6.x): Supports Access Manager 6 features, including the Access Manager 6 Console and directory information tree (DIT). If you are installing Access Manager with Portal Server, Messaging Server, Calendar Server, Delegated Administrator, or Instant Messaging, you must select the Access Manager Compatible (6.x) installation type.

Sun Java System Web Server 


Sun Java System Application Server 


NSS Version Requirements for Calendar Server6.3

Calendar Server 6.3 requires the use of the shared security component NSS version 3.9.3.

For more details about product version dependencies, see the Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for UNIX and Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Release Notes for UNIX

Calendar Server Hardware Requirements and Recommendations

Calendar Server Software Requirements and Recommendations

This section describes the software required and recommended for this release of Calendar Server.

Calendar Server Operating System Requirements

Recommended Browsers for Client Computers

See Communications Express Browser Requirements in Chapter 6, Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Release Notes.

Important Upgrade Patch Information for Calendar Server 6.3

At general release of Communications Suite 5, the following Calendar Server 6.3 product upgrade patches are as follows:


Patch Number (English) 

Patch Number (Localized Languages) 

Solaris, SPARC 









You can find the most current product patches at Sun Solve. For how to find patches on Sun Solve, use the following procedure:

ProcedureHow to Find Patches on SunSolve

  1. For the current list of required patches for Sun Java System Calendar Server, go to:

  2. Select either “Patches” or “Patch Portal”.

  3. Follow the Sun Java System Calendar Server links.

    As operating system patch requirements change and patches to Java Enterprise System components become available, updates will be made available on SunSolve, initially in the form of recommended patch clusters.