Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Messaging Server Documentation Issues

This section describes known issues in the Communications Services and Messaging Server-specific documentation.


The ha_ip_config script does not set all of the required ENS configuration parameters for ENS execution.

If you want to run ENS in an HA environment, you must set the following parameters in the ha_ip_config script:

  • local.ens.port– Port (and optionally IP address) on which ENS will listen. Format: [address:]port. For example, 7997 or If local.ens.port is set, and must also be configured.

  • local.storenotify.enshost— IP address or host name of the ENS server. This setting must correspond to the setting in local.ens.port

  • local.storenotify.ensport– TCP port for the ENS server. This must correspond to the setting in local.ens.port .


Correction to bug 5076486 regarding imadmin user purge with iPlanet Delegated Administrator 1.2 Patch 2

You are able to use the imadmin user purge command with iPlanet Delegated Administrator 1.2 Patch 2 and Messaging Server 6.x. This legacy version of Delegated Administrator should not be confused with the current Delegated Administrator product documented in Chapter 5, Sun Java System Delegated Administrator 6.4 Release Notes. To use the legacy version of Delegated Administrator, you need to follow the procedures outlined in the iPlanet Delegated Administrator installation documentation on along with the following modification:

Change the MsgSvrN-cgipath line in the iDA_install_directory/nda/classes/netscape/nda/servlet/ file to MsgSvr0–cgipath=msg-config/Tasks/operation and restart the Web Server.

In addition, if you are running on a cluster, you need to make sure that an Administration Server is always running on the same node as Messaging Server (for releases prior to 6.3).

Workaround: None.


The Messenger Express Customization Guide displays the wrong directory name in the section on customizing hosted domains.

When the user is asked to create a separate directory for each domain, the correct directory should be msg-svr-base/config/html not msg-svr-base/html .


The Messenger Express Customization Guide specifies the wrong file path for the SDK files and functions.

The SDK files and functions are located in msg-svr-base /examples/meauthsdk


Messenger Express Online Help Describes Some Features that Aren't in the Product

The following features are described in the Messenger Express Online Help but are not in the product:

Since Messenger Express has been deprecated, the Messenger Express Online Help will not be updated.


No documentation available on new shared defragment database feature.

No documentation available on a new feature whereby MTA systems can share the defragment database and thereby defragmentation can be done on MTA systems instead of the store system.

Workaround: None.


The imarchive —s option is not enabled but is documented.

The imarchive -s option is not currently enabled. However, it is documented in the Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Reference. This option will be enabled in a future update release.


Different server-root notations are used in the product documentation.

The server-root directory (where the Messaging Server configuration files are housed) is referred to as msg-svr-base. In the Java Enterprise System documentation, it is referred to as MessagingServer-base . Both notations refer to the Messaging Server server-root directory.