Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Generic Issues


Communications Express Login Screen Does Not Honor CSS Definition in

The login.jsp file in Communications Express has hard-coded style— sheet information. As a result of this, new skin-definitions cannot be applied for the style-sheets used with the login page.


Western European Characters Garbled in Subject when Internet Explorer is Used

This occurs when the default mail client is Microsoft Outlook and the browser used is Internet Explorer. When you are invited to an event with a multi-byte name, and you click on the link of the name of the person who invited you, the subject field of the Outlook client displays garbled characters.


Need Some Documentation on Webmail Pop-ups

The online help for Communications Express does not contain information on how to enable pop-up windows for various supported browsers. Communications Express uses pop-up windows to perform various tasks like composing emails, creating new tasks, and so on. The browser must allow pop-up windows to appear for the site from where Communications Express is accessed.


UWCAuth Servlet Throws a NullPointer Exception

In a deployment scenario where the dependent components of Communications Express (deployed on Sun Java System Application Server) are deployed across multiple nodes, the Communications Express UWCAuth Servlet throws a NullPointer Exception.

Workaround: Restart the Application Server.


UWC Forward Function Should use Sieve Redirect, not Notify

Communications Express allows users to create mail filters by setting a forwarding address in the Options page. This forwarding functionality uses the sieve notify function instead of redirect. Notify is intended to send a short message (possibly via pager) to let the recipient know he has new mail. Messages should actually be forwarded using the redirect functionality instead of notify (which is a nonstandard option).

From this release onwards, all new forward mail filters will by default use the forward rule instead of the notify rule. This fix is also backward compatible. If you upgrade Communications Express from an earlier release, you can preserve your old settings for forwarding mail filters (that is, using the notify rule) by setting the mailfilter.preservenotify property to true in the file. This property is set to false by default.


Communications Suite Installer Does Not Permit Installation in a Local Zone

An attempt to install Communications Express with and Access Manager using the Communications Installer 14a into a sparse zone results in the following message regarding shared components:

Unsupported componets in zone.

Following components required by the selected components, are not supported in local zone and they can not be 
installed directly into the local zone.

Please install these components from the global zone before proceeding this installation.

Workaround: Install the shared components in the global zone using the pkgadd command. This allows the installation to proceed without any problems.


Communications Express Online help Contains JavaScript Error.

When accessing to Communications Express Online Help using Internet Explorer 6.0, JavaScript errors are displayed.


login_type=proxy Doesn't Seem to Have any Effect.

The login_type parameter in the file specifies the method through which the connection to the LDAP store is maintained. You can assign the following three values to this parameter:

anon - Enables the user to connect to the LDAP as an anonymous user

restricted - Enables the user to connect as a user who has the rights to perform operations on the Address Book Store.

proxy - Enables the user to masquerade as a user who can perform operations on the Address Book Store. Assigning this value enhances performance as it bypasses the LDAP bind on each operation.

According to this bug, when users try to specify a method for connecting to the LDAP store by setting this parameter to any of the values listed above, the connection to the LDAP is made with the directory manager credentials irrespective of the method specified. This prevents the administrator from setting some ACLs in the directory and users can have access to parts of the LDAP store when they should not.


JES5-B14a: Linux RH4.0: Unable to load Communications Express Login Page in a Multi-tiered Deployment

The login page fails to load even if the user logs in with valid credentials in a Multi-tired deployment topology. This issue is seen in the following scenario:

  • Communications Express and webmail host are installed on one node

  • Directory Server, Calendar Server on separate nodes

  • Calendar Server, Messaging Server, and Communications Express configured with SSO

  • Access Manager is enabled in the by setting the property auth.identity.enabled to true

The web container logs a series of exceptions indicating a problem with Access Manager when Communications Express tries to execute code that makes calls to Access Manager SDK. This happens when a user tries to log on to Communications Express.