Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

General Issues in Connector for Microsoft Outlook

2144539, 6492342

GAL over SSL causes Outlook to hang

When SSL is enabled on the LDAP corporate directory, clients using Connector for Microsoft Outlook are unable to access the Global Address List from their systems.

Workaround: None.


For converting or creating a user profile in silent installation mode, it is mandatory to have a default profile.

Workaround: None.


User unable to open Outlook for the first time without administrative rights.

Workaround: None.


If previously converted user profiles exist, the Deployment Configuration Program will not create a new profile when the “Convert/Upgrade or create” option is selected in the User Profiles tab.

Workaround: The administrator must create a profile using the “Create new user profiles without conversion/upgrade” option.


Contacts forwarded as attachments are not saved in the Contacts folder (Outlook 2000).

Workaround: None.