Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Calendar Issues in Connector for Microsoft Outlook

The following issues relate the calendar portion of Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook only:


Creating a new calendar profile brings up the old calendar reminders.

When logging in for the first time to a newly created calendar profile in Outlook that is set to your default Calendar Server, Outlook alarms pop up for old events as well as for future events. This applies only for recurring events where the entire series does not take place in the past.

Workaround: None.


Names of subscribed calendars not visible in Calendar view.

When you first subscribe to a calendar, the calendar name is labeled as “Calendar”, not the name of the subscribed calendar.

Workaround: To see the name of the subscribed calendar, log off Outlook and then log back into Outlook. The subscribed calendar’s name should be displayed.


Opening a shared calendar link does not hook into subscription (Outlook 2003).

In Outlook 2003, clicking the calendar icon at the bottom of the left pane, displays the calendar view. Within that calendar view, clicking “Open a Shared Calendar” displays a dialog that allows the user to enter the user name of a shared calendar. When the user name of a known shared calendar is entered, the error “Unable to display the folder. Your profile is not configured to support this operation for this user.” is displayed. This occurs also with contacts and tasks.

Workaround: To view a shared calendar, select the shared calendar folder in the folders list.


Unable to remove attachment from an instance of a recurring event.

If a user creates a recurring event that includes an attachment, then attempts to remove the attachment from a single instance of the recurring event, the attachment is not deleted.

Workaround: None.


The following are additional issues related to the calendar portion of Connector for Microsoft Outlook that do not have IDs:

  • If delegate accepts or declines an invitation from the organizer’s Shared Inbox, the calendar event is added to delegate’s calendar, but not to the organizer’s calendar.

  • Microsoft TNEF messages are sent when sending calendar attachments. iTIP and iMIP calendar attachments are not supported.

  • All Day events may become a non-All Day events (one event scheduled from 12:00am until 12:00pm) if the desktop time zone is different from the Calendar Server calendar time zone.

  • Changing permissions of a calendar requires restarting Outlook for the new permission setting to take effect for the Calendar folder in the Shared Calendar.

  • Tasks displayed in Shared Calendars are the login user’s tasks, not the subscribed user’s tasks. The calendar view always shows the login user’s tasks.

  • If you create a recurring invitation in Outlook, but delete a single instance of that event, the recipients (attendees) will not see the deleted invitation if Calendar Server has not processed the initial recurring invitation before the deletion.