Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Delegated Administrator Compatibility Issues

The following table lists the known incompatibilities between Communications Suite Delegated Administrator 6.4 and earlier versions.




Access Manager has two install types: Realm Mode (version 7.x style) and Legacy Mode (version 6.x style). Legacy Mode is the default. 

At installation, you must choose Legacy Mode as the install type on the following panel: 

Access Manager: Administration (1 of 6)

If the Realm Mode install type of Access Manager is installed, you will not be able to run Delegated Administrator. 

Upgrading Access Manager from version 6.x to 7.0 (Java ES Release 5) without upgrading Delegated Administrator to version 6.4. 

NOTE: This incompatibility occurs only if you are running Delegated Administrator version 6 2005Q1 (Java ES Release 3) or earlier. If you are running version 6 2005Q4 (Java ES Release 4), this incompatibility does not occur. 

In the Delegated Administrator console or utility, user creation with mail or calendar service will fail. 

A workaround is available. For details, see Delegated Administrator Installation, Upgrade, and Configuration Issues. (Issue 6376896)

Running Directory Server releases earlier than 5.2.4. 

The Directory Server feature that enforces unique values for mail attributes is not available with versions earlier than 5.2.4. 

Solution: Upgrade to Directory Server 5.2.5 or later. 

You also can install Directory Server 5.2.4, but you must apply patch 5.2_Patch_4_6313027. For detailed instructions, see Enforce Unique Values for Mail Attributes in Sun Java System Delegated Administrator 6.4 Administration Guide