Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Address Book Issues in Connector for Microsoft Outlook

The following issues relate to the Address Book portion of the Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook.


Deleting a contact from Communications Express does not delete it from Outlook.

The Communications Express configuration parameter delete_perm in the file needs to be set to false in order for Outlook to capture contact entries which have been deleted from Communications Express. The entry should be:


The default is true. The entry can be found at /var/opt/SUNWuwc/WEB-INF/config/ldapstore/ .

Workaround: Manually fix the entry.


Login to Address Book server fails through Outlook.

Users are unable to log into the Address Book server though Outlook if the Address Book (in Communications Express) is in SSL mode.

Workaround: Open Communications Express within Internet Explorer and permanently accept the self-signed certificate.


Shared contact not removed from Address Book after unsubscribing.

After unsubscribing to a shared contact, it is not removed from the “Show Names from the” list of the Address Book.

Workaround: Two workarounds exist:

  • If the subscribed contact has been added to the “Show Names from the” list of the Address Book,” the user should uncheck the “Show this folder as an email Address Book” option from the “Outlook Address Book” property page before unsubscribing from the contact.

  • Remove the contact directly from the address book properties.

    In Outlook XP:

    1. Select Tools>Email account.

    2. Then choose “View or change existing directories or address books.” and select “Microsoft Outlook Address Book” to change.

    3. Select the item to remove from your address book.

    In Outlook 2000:

    1. Select Tools>Services..., from the Outlook menu.

      The Services window is displayed.

    2. Select the “Services” tab.

    3. Select “Outlook Address Book” from the list of services set up in your profile and click “Properties.”

      The Microsoft Outlook Address Book properties window is displayed.

    4. Select the item to remove from your address book and click Close.

    Note that user must logout and logon again to take the effect.


Login to Address Book Server fails if the proxy configured in the default web browser is down.

Workaround: None.