Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Delegated Administrator Documentation

This section describes errors or incomplete information in the Delegated Administrator books and online help.

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The Delegated Administrator online help displays the current version as Communications Suite 5 Delegated Administrator instead of Delegated Administrator 6.4.


The Delegated Administrator online help for the Editing Group Properties page incorrectly documents the following UI fields: Add Header Field and Remove Header Field.

These UI fields are not implemented in Delegated Administrator. The LDAP attributes, mgrpAddHeader and mgrpAddHeader, are not provisioned through the Delegated Administrator console.


The Delegated Administrator online help incorrectly describes the Message Prefix Text field in the Create New Group wizard and Group Properties page.

The correct description is as follows:

Enter the text to be added to the beginning of the message text sent to the group. You must supply the formatting. That is, you must supply the CRLF where they belong in the text.


The Delegated Administrator online help incorrectly defines the Attachment Quota value in the Create New Organization wizard and Organization Properties page.

The online help describing the Mail Service Details panel in the Create New Organization wizard and the Mail Service section of the Organization Properties page states that the Attachment Quota field displays the “attachment size per message.” The online help tells the user to enter a maximum attachment quota size in kilobytes. This is incorrect.

The Attachment Quota sets the maximum number of attachments for each email message. For example, setting a value of 2 would allow users to attach no more than two files to a message. The size of each attachment is not affected by this attribute.


Delegated Administrator online help erroneously states that you can use “>” and “<” signs when searching for organizations.

The “Searching Organizations” online help topic contains the following erroneous statement: “You can also search for organizations with values greater than or less than the value entered in the text box by entering a > or < sign before the value.”

You cannot search for greater-than or less-than values when searching for organizations.


Delegated Administrator online help does not explain that the Login ID must be in ASCII characters.

When you enter a Login ID when creating a new user or editing user properties in the Delegated Administrator console, the online help should read as follows:

Login ID. Enter the user's login ID. Values entered in this field are limited to ASCII characters.


Access Manager online help does not explain that unselecting the Compliance User Deletion option causes problems when deleting mail and calendar users with the Delegated Administrator delete commands.

The Access Manager Administration Console option, Compliance User Deletion, must be selected to enable the Delegated Administrator console delete and commadmin delete operations to successfully delete users, groups, and resources.

The Access Manager Compliance User Deletion option should be documented as follows:

Specifies whether a user's entry will be deleted, or just marked as deleted, from the directory. This attribute is only applicable when Access Manager is installed in legacy mode.

When a user's entry is deleted and this option is selected (true), the user's entry will still exist in the directory, but will be marked as deleted. After the user entry is marked for deletion, you can permanently remove it from the directory by using the Communications Suite Delegated Administrator commadmin domain purge command.

Messaging Server and Calendar Server require this option to be selected to properly maintain the integrity of their databases with respect to the user data in the directory.

User entries that are marked for deletion are not returned during Access Manager searches of the Directory Server.

If this option is not selected, the user's entry will be deleted from the directory. Deleting a Messaging Server or Calendar Server user's entry when this option is not selected can cause the user's mailbox or calendar to be orphaned.