Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes



Certification Revocation List Not Working

Communications Express does not display any error message when encrypted messages are sent to users whose certificates have been revoked.


S/MIME Draft Added Junk Attachment Smime.p7m to the Message After Saving Draft Message

Communications Express supports the S/MIME specification. You can use S/MIME to encrypt and sign your messages. According to this bug, when users try to sign and encrypt a message and save the draft, the draft that gets saved contains an attachment with the name smime.p7m. Users cannot remove this attachment. Also, all attachments for the saved message are also lost and only the smime.p7m attachment remains in the draft.


Edit Existing Mail Filter by Adding a Forward to Email Address Does not Work

When users edit an already created mail filter by adding a condition for forwarding mails to an email address from the Options page of Communications Express, on clicking the Save button, the filter does not get applied. The conditions added after saving it for the first time do not get executed.

Workaround: This bug has the following workarounds:

  1. Logout and login again as the same and select the mail filter just created and click on the Save button once again. The filter along with the changes gets applied this time.

  2. Edit the Messaging Server configuration file by adding the following option in the options.dat file in the Messaging Server installation directory. The default location of the options.dat file is opt/SUNWmsgsr/config/: