Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Microsoft Outlook Issues

The following are issues with Microsoft Outlook:

Note –

These issues are general issues with Microsoft Outlook, and are not specific issues with Connector for Microsoft Outlook.


Saving attached files inside a forwarded message.

When an attachment is received as part of a forwarded message, the attachment cannot be saved after double-clicking on the attachment.

Workaround: To save the attachment, right-click on the attachment, then chose “Save As.”


Using the web tool bar crashes Outlook.

Entering the URL only along with the port number in Outlook's web tool bar causes Outlook to crash. For example, entering causes Outlook to crash. However, entering or does not cause Outlook to crash.

Workaround: None.


Limitations for non-default calendars.

Limitations exist when attempting to perform operations on a non-default calendar with Outlook:

  • Free/Busy information is not displayed.

  • Reminders cannot be set on an event.

  • Attendee responses to invitations from non-default calendars are not tallied.

Workaround: None.

6446169, 6447068

SMIME messages sent from Outlook 2000 lose formatting.

If a signed and encrypted SMIME HTML message is sent from Outlook 2000, the fonts and formatting may be lost when it is viewed by another Outlook 2000 client or Communications Express.

Workaround: The latest Microsoft Office updates should be applied.


Unable to view application objects properly in Outlook when sender creates objects from Outlook.

A message is sent following this scenario:

  • The sender's mail format is set to rich text.

  • An application is inserted into a new message using the Insert->Object->Create New->application option.

  • Another application object of the same type is inserted into the message.

When this message is received, only one application object is visible within the message.

Workaround for recipient: The recipient of the message can copy the received object and paste it to another location. Once copied, the option is named Scrap.

Workaround for sender: The sender should avoid sending objects directly created from within Outlook using the Insert->Object->Create New->application. Instead, the object should be created directly from the standalone application, saving it, and sending it as an attachment.