Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Instant Messenger General and Usability Issues


Idle detection is not implemented on Mac OS.

If a user leaves an Instant Messenger session, the absence is not automatically detected.

Workaround: Mac OS users need to explicitly set their presence status as AWAY, prior to leaving.


Custom statuses cannot be removed.

Workaround: The least used statuses are eventually removed. To remove one immediately, add five new customized statuses and the oldest one will disappear.


Changes users make on the Settings dialog box Privacy tab are saved as the changes are made, not when the user clicks OK.

For this reason, if you click Cancel after making changes on this tab, the changes are saved anyway.

Workaround: None.


Users cannot set priority for Idle or Away status when Instant Messenger is launched from the Java plug-in

The options for setting priority for idle and away status are not displayed in the user interface when Instant Messenger is launched using the Java plug-in. This does not occur when launching Instant Messenger from Java Web Start.


  1. Launch Instant Messenger using Java Web Start.

  2. Select Tools|Settings to bring up the Settings dialog box.

  3. Select the Advanced Tab.

  4. Set priority for Idle and Away as desired. More information for these options is available from the online help.


Cannot use Instant Messenger 2005Q4 or earlier with redirect server.

Older versions of Instant Messenger do not support XMPP redirection.

Workaround: Upgrade Instant Messenger to 2006Q1 or later


(Windows Only) Desktop Integration Settings option is missing when the client is launched from the Java plug-in on Windows

The Java plug-in does not support desktop integration. As a result, the Desktop Integration Settings option is missing from the General tab of the Settings dialog box.

Workaround: Invoke the application from Java Web Start.