Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Messenger Express and Calendar Express

Going forward, no new features will be added to the Messenger Express and Calendar Express user interfaces. They have been deprecated in favor of the new Communications Express user interface. Both Messenger Express and Calendar Express will be removed from the product in the next major release.

Note –

This deprecation also includes the deprecation of the Messenger Express Mail Filter User Interface (msg-svr-base /SUNWmsgmf/MailFilter.war ).

The following bugs affect the deprecated Messenger Express product:


The Up and Down buttons removed.

The Up and Down buttons used to specify the ordering of your filters have been removed.


Problems may be seen in Messenger Express on Internet Explorer 6 when proxy server setting is used.

Workaround: Enable or disable “auto-detection” option in Internet Explorer’s encoding menu. Use direct connection or switch to different proxy server.


Feature removed from the Advanced Mail Filter Conditions window.

The ability to specify a time frame for your filters has been removed from the Advanced Mail Filter Conditions window (of the Mail Filters user interface) for the Messaging Server 6.0 Patch 1 release. The feature was removed because the underlying support is not available.


If you create groups within an existing group, you may encounter the following error: pab::PAB_ModifyAttribute: ldap error (No Such object).


Localized Messenger Express does not merge some of the folders created by Outlook Express.

It is sometimes desired that the default “Sent” folder in Messenger Express be replaced by the “Sent Items” folder created by Outlook Express, hence all the messages sent by both client are copied to the “Sent Items” folder. This does not work with Japanese localization.


  1. Edit Japanese i18n.js to match Outlook Express’ “Sent Items” translation.

    				  i18n[’sent folder IE’] = ’soushinzumiaitemu’ 
    				  fldr[’Sent Items’] = ’soushinzumiaitemu’
  2. End users must log onto Messaging Server using Outlook Express first.


With Directory Server 5.1 or later, you will not be able to enter multiple email IDs for a single contact in the Personal Address Book.

Directory Server is exhibiting correct behavior. Due to a problem in Netscape Directory Server 4.x, you are able to enter multiple email IDs.