Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

About Sun Java Communications Suite, Version 5

The Sun Java Communications Suite integrates a number of Sun server and client products to support distributed communication and collaboration applications.

The Sun Java Communications Suite 5 release includes the following components:

Locating Patches for Sun Java Communications Suite Products

If you wish to locate patches for the Sun Java Communications Suite products, Table 1–2 lists the keywords used for each Communications Suite product. You can use the specific keyword to search for relevant patches on Sunsolve.

Table 1–2 Patch Keywords for Communications Suite Products



Calendar Server 

“Calendar Server” 

Communications Express 

“communications express” 

Delegated Administrator 




Instant Messaging 

“Instant Messaging” 

Messaging Server 

“Messaging Server” 

Connector for Microsoft Outlook 

“Outlook Connector” 

Note –

The double quotes should be used in order to search for the string including the space.

To search for patches for all the Java Enterprise System products, use the keyword Java_ES.