Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Using a Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Front End with a Messaging Server 6.3 Back End

If you choose to use a Messaging Server 6.3 back-end with a Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 front-end, you need to configure the front end to run without an Administration Server as follows:

  1. Install and configure the Messaging Server 6.3 back-end using the Communications Suite 5 installer.

  2. Run the Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 installer to install the Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 front-end and choose the Configure Later option when prompted.

  3. Open msg-svr-base/lib/config-templates/ in a text editor.

  4. Change the following line:

    ADMINSERVER_SERVERROOT_CONF = /etc/mps/admin/v.5.2/shared/config/serverroot.conf