Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Configuration Program Puts Wrong Value in DWP ics.conf Parameter

If you are deploying Calendar Server with front-end and back-end servers, which requires the use of the DWP protocol, the configuration program asks you to add the host name of the back-end server. When it stores this value in the ics.conf parameter caldb.dwp.server.hostname.ip , it stores it as an IP Address instead of the fully qualified host name that should be stored there. This means that the system can't find the back-end server.

Workaround:Replace the IP Address with the fully qualified back-end server host name. This can be done by simply editing the ics.conf file, which is a text file.

Correct instructions on what values to use for this and other parameters used to configure front-end and back-end servers can be found in Chapter 5, Configuring Calendar Database Distribution Across Multiple Machines in Calendar Server Version 6.3, in Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide in the Sun Java System Calendar Server Administration Guide.

This problem is reported as problem number 6542989 in the following section of this Release Note: Reported Problems in Calendar Server 6.3 .