Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Communications Express Documentation Issues

This section describes known issues in the Communications Express— specific documentation.


Description of Upgrading Communications Express L10n Patch Contains Errors

This bug is in the Communications Suite 5 Upgrade Guide which has three parts to it. These three parts are described as follows:

  • Incorrect patch ID mentioned in Table 6–5: The patch id mentioned for x86 Solaris 9 and 10 in Table 6–5 is 118042–18, which is incorrect. The correct patch ID is 118042-19. Patch ID number 118043 has been obsoleted for Solaris X86. You need to apply patch ID number 118042-19 to upgrade Communications Express localization for both SPARCand X86 Solaris.

  • Incorrect RPM name mentioned in Table 6–7: The correct RPM names for Communications Express localization are as follows:

    • sun-uwc-de-6.1-11.11.i386.rpm

    • sun-uwc-es-6.1-11.11.i386.rpm

    • sun-uwc-fr-6.1-11.11.i386.rpm

    • sun-uwc-ja-6.1-11.11.i386.rpm

    • sun-uwc-ko-6.1-11.11.i386.rpm

    • sun-uwc-zh_CN-6.1-11.11.i386.rpm

    • sun-uwc-zh_TW-6.1-11.11.i386.rpm

  • Incorrect prepatch script in Linux upgrade procedure: Step 5 in the Linux upgrade procedure displays incorrect prepatch script as follows:

    # sh 118-044-19.prepatch

    The correct prepatch script is as follows:

    # sh 118044-19.prepatch