Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

Heavyweight POP

A heavyweight POP user base typically consists of premium broadband users or small business accounts with more sophisticated messaging requirements than the lightweight POP user base. This group uses cable modem or DSL to access its service provider. Each concurrent client connection sends approximately six messages per hour. Messages average about two recipients per message. Sixty-five percent of messages are 5 Kbytes or smaller in size. Thirty percent of messages in this user base are between 5-10 Kbytes. Five percent of messages are larger than 1 Mbyte. Of these users, 85 percent delete all of their messages after reading them. However, 15 percent of users leave messages on the server through several logins before they delete them. Mail builds up in a small portion of those mailboxes. In some cases, the same message can be fetched several times from the server.