Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

Spreading Your Messaging User Base Across Several Servers

To distribute load across servers is to divide clients’ mail evenly across several back-end Message Stores. You can divide up users alphabetically, by their Class of Service, by their department, or by their physical location and assign them to a specific back-end Message Store host.

Figure 11–2 shows a sample deployment where users are spread across multiple back-end servers and multiplexors enabled to handle incoming client connections.

Figure 11–2 Spreading Your User Base Across Multiple Servers

This diagram shows how a multiplexor manages the incoming
connections from clients in a deployments where users are spread across multiple

Spreading users across back-end servers provides simplified user management, as long as you use MMPs or Webmail Servers. Because users connect to one back-end server, where their mail resides, you can standardize setup across all users. This configuration also makes administration of multiple servers easier to manage. And, as the demand for more Messaging Server hosts increases, you can add more hosts seamlessly.