Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Administration Guide

Installing Communications Express from the Sun Java Communications Suite Install Wizard

To install Communications Expressafresh, uninstall any previous installation of Communications Express. You need to uninstall Communications Express by using Sun Java Communications Suite Uninstaller if you have installed it from an earlier build of the Sun Java Communications Suite installer. On Solaris, Sun Java Communications Suite Uninstaller is available at the following path: /var/sadm/prod/SUNWcomm-entsys5.

ProcedureTo Install Communications Express

  1. Select Sun Java System Communications Express from the list of components displayed in Sun Java Communications Suite Install Wizard.

    Note –

    When Sun Java System Communications Express is selected, the products which Communications Express depends on gets automatically selected. However, if any of these products are already installed in the system, the dependent product that is already installed is disabled.

    If Messaging Server, Calendar Server, and Directory Server are installed on remote hosts, you can choose not to install these components on the same machine.

    Click Next. The Install Directories screen is displayed.

  2. Browse to specify the name of the target installation directory for each component product and Click Next.

    After a couple of screens the Configuration Type screen is displayed.

  3. Select the type of configuration you want.

    The options available are:

    • Configure Now: Allows you to configure component products that permit configuration at installation time.

    • Configure Later: Allows you to install the packages in the specified directory paths and proceed without configuring them. For more details, refer Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide.

    Note –

    Communications Express cannot be configured from the Sun Java Enterprise System Install Wizard. You need to run the Communications Express configuration wizard to configure Communications Express.

    Select a configuration type and click Next. The Custom Configuration screen appears.

  4. Click Next to configure any other component products to complete the installation process.