Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Administration Guide

Data Migration Process

Communications Express uses a migration script to migrates user’s Messenger Express address book data to the Address Book Server that is part of Communications Express.

Figure 7–1 Overview of the Data Migration Process

Data Migration

Data residing in the LDAP PAB tree of Messenger Express is migrated to the address book Server LDAP PAB tree. The example below illustrates the migration process.

When User1 in the domain has an entry in PAB, such as Entry1 that needs to be migrated, the entry is located in the PAB tree under ou=User1 as shown in Figure 7–2.

Figure 7–2 Location of Entry1 in the PAB tree

PAB tree Structure

After migration, the newly created Address Book Server Entry is added to the Address Book Server tree under, piEntryID=Entry 1 as shown Figure 7–3.

Figure 7–3 Location of Entry 1 in the Address Book Server tree.

Address Book Server tree

Note –

The migration utility migrates all the data from PAB of Messenger Express to Address Book of Communications Express when the user logs in for the first time. However, once data is migrated to Address Book, new contacts or groups created using Messenger Express will not be shown in the Address Book of Communications Express. The reverse is also true.