Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Administration Guide

Additional Configuration Required for Horizontal Scalability Support

The psRootattribute in the user’s LDAP entry is an Address Book Server compliant URL that defines the LDAP location from which the user’s Personal Address book entries are stored and retrieved. The psRoot attribute enables the administrator to provision users so that PAB data for all users is spread across multiple directory locations.

For existing Messenger Express users, if PAB Migration is enabled, the psRoot attribute is constructed using the existing pabURI attribute and a mapping table is defined in uwc-deploy-dir/ WEB-INF/config/ .

The lookup table in the file consists of the pabhost and pabport entries in the following format:

pabhost.pabport.abhostport = abldaphost:abldapport

where pabhost.pabport refers to the source directory instance and abldaphost and abldaport is the target directory instance to which the PAB data should be migrated.

For example, if you want to migrate the PAB data from the directory running at to the address book directory running at, the should exist in the as: =

You may have as many lookups as found necessary in the file. If the pabURI attribute for a user uses pabhost and pabport, the psRoot constructed using the default psRoot pattern will be in the format:

ldap://abldaphost: abldapport/piPStoreOwner=%U,o=%D,o=PiServerDb

If the lookup is not defined for a pabURI value, that is, no entry is provided in the mapping table that matches the pabURI, the pabhost and pabport values are used as the default values for abldaphost and abport. Implying that in the absence of a mapping table, the PAB entries from Messaging Server is migrated to another root in the same directory instance as per the Address Book Schema. In this scenario, the target directory instance will be the same as the source directory instance.

Note –

The lookup table is not defined by the patch installer. You need to define the lookup table after a patch install, and restart the web server.

Ensure that abldaphost:abldapport directory Server instance is defined in the file pointed to by the of that domain.