Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Configure Communications Express for Hosted Domain Support

  1. Create a directory with the domain name under uwc-deployed-path /WEB-INF/domain.

    For example: uwc-deployed-path/WEB-INF/domain/domain-name

  2. Copy the following domain related configuration files under uwc-deployed-path /WEB-INF/domain directory to this directory.

    The domain related configurable parameters are stored in the following files:



    • defaultps/defaultps.xml

    • lang/ For example, en/

  3. Customize the property files in the uwc-deployed-path /WEB-INF/domain/domain-name directory .

    When Communications Express is deployed, the following files are by default copied to uwc-deployed-path/WEB-INF/domain directory.

    For a particular user's session, the domain related property files are searched in the following order:

    • uwc-deployed-path/WEB-INF/domain/ user's domain/property-files

    • uwc-deployed-path/WEB-INF/domain/ property-files

    Refer to Configuration Parameters for Hosted Domain for setting domain specific properties for your set up.