Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Use Communications Express in SSL Mode

  1. Set the following configuration parameters in the uwc-deployed-path /WEB-INF/config/ file:

    • uwcauth.ssl.enabled=true. If set to true, the entire authentication process and access of the application is done in SSL mode.

    • uwcauth.https.port=SSL-port-number-of -the webcontainer-in which-uwc-is-deployed

    • webmail.ssl.port=SSL port for the Messaging Server

  2. Set the local.webmail.sso.uwcsslport Messenger Express parameter value to the SSL port-number of the Web Server in which Communications Express is deployed.

    This parameter is required to instruct Messenger Server to get Communications Express integration services. For example, if this parameter is set, then time out event of webmail will take the user to Communications Express' login page.

    For example, local.webmail.sso.uwcsslport=SSL port-number of the webserver in which communications express is deployed

  3. Set the webmail.ssl.port parameter for Messaging Server.

    Set the parameter to the SSL port that Messaging Server listens to.