Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Configure Communications Express for LDAP Failover

To configure Communications Express to create a LDAP Failover Manager, you need to set a few parameters in the file.

  1. Change directory to uwc-deploy-path/WEB-INF/config/.

  2. Edit the file and set the following parameters.

    • ldapusersession.ldapport : Set this parameter to the port on which the LDAP server is running.

    • ldapusersession.ldaphost: Set this parameter to the LDAP host list of the LDAP server names. This can be a comma separated list. If the LDAP servers are running on a non-default port; this can be specified by a comma. For example, host1, host2:1290, host3, host4:2546. Here, host1 and host3 are running on the default ports, whereas host2 and host4 are running on non-default ports.

  3. Restart the web container on which Communications Express is deployed.