Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide

Starting and Stopping Directory Server

If Directory Server is part of a cluster, ensure that you are working on the active node for the logical host.

Note –

Before using the dsadm command to start or stop Directory Server, verify that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable is unset. If it is not unset, you might receive an error when dsadm cannot find a dependent library.

ProcedureTo Start Directory Server

  1. If a Directory Server instance does not yet exist, create one. See the Directory Server Administration documentation for details.

  2. Start Directory Server instance:

    Solaris OS: /opt/SUNWdsee/ds6/bin/dsadm start /var/opt/SUNWdsee/dsins1

    Linux: /opt/sun/ds6/bin/dsadm start /var/opt/sun/dsins1

ProcedureTo Stop Directory Server

  1. Stop Directory Server instance:

    Solaris OS: /opt/SUNWdsee/ds6/bin/dsadm stop /var/opt/SUNWdsee/dsins1

    Linux: /opt/sun/ds6/bin/dsadm stop /var/opt/sun/dsins1