Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Update Your LDAP Directory Manually

  1. Install Calendar Server 6.3.

  2. Stop Calendar Server, if it is running.

  3. Stop Directory Server, if it is running.

  4. Copy the 60iplanet-calendar.ldif file to the following directory on the machine where your directory server is running:


    where dir-svr-base is the Directory Server installation directory and hostname identifies the machine.

  5. If you want to index attributes, as the configuration program does, do it at this point.

    For a list of the attributes the configuration program indexes, see Attribute Indexes Created by the Directory Preparation Tool.

  6. Restart the Directory Server.

    If you receive object identifier (OID) errors, see Resolving Conflicting Calendar Server OID's in the LDAP Schema.