Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide

Instant Messaging Only Example

This example describes installation of only Instant Messaging in a single session. It is not uncommon for Instant Messaging to be installed in a separate installation session after other product components have been installed and configured.

Note –

If you are using single sign-on or Access Manager managed policies, Access Manager is required. For guidelines, refer to Instant Messaging and Access Manager Example.

Sequence Issues

If you are deploying other product components with Instant Messaging, the other product components must be configured before configuring Instant Messaging. Communications Suite product components that are commonly used with Instant Messaging include Messaging Server, Calendar Server, and Portal Server (with Access Manager).

Note –

Portal Server installation is not documented in this guide. See the Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for UNIX for information on Portal Server.

ProcedureTo Develop a Sequence for Instant Messaging

The following high-level tasks are required:

  1. Checking the installation sequence guidelines

    Check to see what guidelines apply to this example and make adjustments as needed.

  2. Checking the installation prerequisites

    Check to see what tasks you might need to perform for this installation before starting.

  3. Running the installer

  4. At component selection, choosing Instant Messaging

    Directory Server and Directory Preparation Tool are automatically selected. If you do not select a web container, you will be prompted to select either Web Server or Application Server to fulfill the Instant Messaging requirement for a local web container.

  5. Resolving incompatibilities

    The installer verifies software on your host and provides guidance if incompatibilities are identified.

  6. Verifying installation directories

  7. Selecting the Configure Later type

    Instant Messaging cannot be configured during installation.

  8. Running the installation

  9. Viewing the Installation Summary and Log

  10. Completing post-install configuration

    Configuring Instant Messaging After a Configure Later Installation

  11. Starting Instant Messaging (after starting any other product components that Instant Messaging might depend on)

    Starting and Stopping Instant Messaging Server and Multiplexor

    The following table contains additional Instant Messaging information.


    Relevant Information 

    Postinstallation configuration 

    Configuring Instant Messaging After a Configure Later Installation

    Starting and stopping 

    Starting and Stopping Instant Messaging Server and Multiplexor


    Instant Messaging Uninstallation Behavior


    Instant Messaging Troubleshooting Tips


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    Deployment scenarios 

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