Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Start Messaging Server

  1. Change to the MessagingServer-base/sbin directory.

  2. Enter the following command to start the Messaging Server:

  3. Verify that the Messaging Server processes are running. For example:

    Notice that the list of processes varies according to the Messaging Server features you have configured to use.

    /usr/bin/ps -ef | grep SUNWmsgsr

    /opt/SUNWmsgsr/lib/stored -d
    /opt/SUNWmsgsr/lib/popd -d 5
    /opt/SUNWmsgsr/lib/imapd -d 5 -D 6
    /opt/SUNWmsgsr/lib/mshttpd -d 5 -D 6