Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Stop Web Proxy Server

  1. On the command line, stop the Admin Server by changing to WebProxyServer-base/proxy-admserv:

    • Solaris OS: /opt/SUNWproxy/proxy-admserv/stop

    • Linux: /opt/sun/webproxyserver/proxy-admserv/stop

  2. On the command line, stop the Web Proxy Server instance by changing to the WebProxyServer-base/proxy-server1.:

    • Solaris OS: /opt/SUNWproxy/proxy-server1/stop

    • Linux: /opt/sun/webproxyserver/proxy-server1/stop

  3. Verify that the Web Proxy Server processes are not running. For example:

    /usr/bin/ps -ef | grep proxy