Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide

Granting Administrator Access for the Uninstaller

Depending on the product components you choose to uninstall, you might need to grant the uninstaller administrator access to Access Manager and Directory Server.

The following table describes the information that the uninstaller needs for granting administrator access. The left column of each table lists the graphical mode labels and state file parameters for the information you must provide. The right column describes the information.

Table 9–15 Required Administration Information

Label and State File Parameter 


Access Manager


Administrator User ID 


User ID of the Application Server administrator. 

Administrator Password 


Password of the Application Server administrator. 

Directory Manager DN 


Distinguished Name (DN) of the user who has unrestricted access to Directory Server. 

Default value is cn=Directory Manager.

Directory Manager Password 


Password of the Directory Manager. 

Directory Server


Administrator User ID 


User with administrator privileges for the configuration directory. This user can modify Directory Server configuration, including creating and removing suffixes. Access control restrictions apply. 

Administrator Password 


Password for the Administrator.