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Sun Ethernet Fabric Operating System

IGMP Administration Guide

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Support and Accessibility

Protocol Description

IGMP Protocol

IGMP Topology

Configuring IGMP

Example Topology

Configuration Guidelines

Default Settings

Enable IGMP Globally

Enable IGMP on an Individual Interface

Enable Fast Leave

Configure the IGMP Version

Configure the IGMP Query Interval

Configure the IGMP Query Maximum Response Time

Configure the IGMP Robustness Value

Configure the IGMP Last Member Query Interval

Configure a Static-Multicast Group Membership

Enable the IGMP Proxy Service

Configure an Interface as an Upstream Interface

Configure the Purge Interval for an Upstream Interface

Configure the IGMP Version on an Upstream Interface

Configure the IGMP Proxy

Configure the IGMP Query Maximum Response Time

  1. Enter Interface Configuration mode for VLAN 2.
    SEFOS# configure terminal
    SEFOS(config)# interface vlan 2
  2. Set the maximum response time to 200 seconds.
    SEFOS(config-if)# ip igmp query-max-response-time 200
    SEFOS(config-if)# end
  3. Review the configuration information.
    SEFOS# show ip igmp interface
     vlan2, line protocol is up
     Internet Address is
     IGMP is enabled on interface
     Current IGMP router version is 2
     IGMP query interval is 125 seconds
     Last member query response interval is 10 seconds
     IGMP max query response time is 200 seconds
     Robustness value is 3
     IGMP querying router is (this system)
     Fast leave is disabled on this interface
     No multicast groups joined