Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Installing the Directory Preparation Script

In earlier versions of Java Enterprise System, this utility was bundled with Messaging Server and Calendar Server and did not have to be separately installed. However, starting with Java Enterprise System 2005Q1, the script became a separately installable shared component.

To install the Directory Preparation Script, choose one of the following methods:

Solaris SPARC 

118245 and 118242 

Solaris x86 

118256 and 118243 


118247 only 

Note –

Patches 118242 and 118243 are required only the first time you patch the utility. If you apply later versions of patches 118245 or 118246, you do not need to apply 118242 or 118243 again.

As installed, the Directory Preparation Script is found in the following directory: