Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Information You Need to Gather

During the first step of the Directory Preparation Script, it requests information about your Directory Server. Prepare for this by gathering the information shown in The following table. (To help you keep track of this information, use Appendix A, Directory Configuration Worksheet.

Information Item Needed 

Default Value 

Directory Server root path name 


Which instance of Directory Server to use? (If more than one.) 


Directory Manager Distinguished Name (DN) 


Directory Manager's Password 


Directory Server being used for user/group data? (yes), or configuration data only? (no) 


User and group root suffix (if yes to previous question) 


Schema version? (pick one of the following)  

1 Schema 1

1.5 Schema 2 Compatibility Mode

2 Schema 2 Native Mode

[For more information on how to choose a schema, see About the Schema Choices. If you have one version of the schema installed and want to upgrade to a higher level, refer to the Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Schema Migration Guide before running this utility.]


Root suffix (if using Schema 1 or Schema 2 Compatibility Mode) [If you choose Schema 1 or 1.5, you will need a DC tree. If the DC tree does not yet exist, the Directory Preparation Script creates only the root suffix node, its does not create the rest of the DC tree. You must create the rest of your DC tree yourself.]


Update schema? [If this Directory Server is being used for user/group data, you must have a config directory containing the schema files.]


Add Directory Server indexes? (adds icsCalendar, icsCalendarOwned) [If you answer yes, the Directory Preparation Script does the indexing for Messaging Server, Calendar Server, and Communications Server, even if you are not using all of them.]