Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Manually Updating Schema Files

If for any reason, you have decided not to run the Directory Preparation Script generated script, the following directions allow you to manually update your schema files for Sun Java System Directory Server.

Note –

If you update your LDAP directory schema manually and then later upgrade Calendar Server, you must manually update the LDAP server schema again. Calendar Server cannot automatically update the schema after the it has previously been updated manually.

ProcedureTo Update Your LDAP Directory Manually

  1. Install Calendar Server 62005Q4.

  2. Stop Calendar Server, if it is running.

  3. Stop Directory Server, if it is running.

  4. Copy the 60iplanet-calendar.ldif file to the following directory on the machine where your directory server is running:


    where dir_svr_base is the Directory Server installation directory and hostname identifies the machine.

  5. If you want to index attributes, as the configuration program does, do it at this point. For a list of the attributes the configuration program indexes, see Attribute Indexes.

  6. Restart the Directory Server. If you receive object identifier (OID) errors, see Resolving Conflicting OID's in the LDAP Schema Directory.

  7. Configure Calendar Server by running the program.

    For instructions on configuring Calendar Server, see Chapter 3, Calendar Server Configuration Program (