Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

How csstored Works

One of the Calendar Server services launched at startup is csstored. When configured, this service performs automatic backups (either hot backups or archival backups, or both) of your calendar databases.

You can configure csstored for automatic backups when you run the configuration program, If you choose one or both of the automatic backups at that time, no further configuration steps are necessary.

If you did not choose automatic backups in the configuration program, they are disabled, but the csstored process still runs. However, until automatic backups are enabled, the only function csstored performs is to generate an informational administrator message every 24 hours saying csstored is not configured (meaning automatic backups have not been enabled).

Note –

When automatic backups are disabled, the circular logging ics.conf parameter, caldb.berkeley.circularlogging, should be set to “yes”. This enables purging of old database transaction logs, which conserves disk space.