Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Enabling Proxy Administrator Logins

Proxy administrator logins (proxy authentication) must be enabled for Communications Express. For instructions on configuring proxy authentication for Communications Express, see Configuring for Communications Express.

However, proxy authentication can be enabled even if you are not using Communications Express. This section contains the procedure for enabling proxy authentication without Communications Express:

ProcedureTo Enable Proxy Authentication without Communications Express

  1. Log in as an administrator with permission to change the configuration.

  2. Change to the /etc/opt/SUNWics5/cal/config directory.

  3. Save your old ics.conf file by copying and renaming it.

  4. Edit the ics.conf file, setting the following parameter:

    service.http.allowadminproxy = "yes"

  5. Save the file as ics.conf.

  6. Restart Calendar Server for the new value to take effect.

ProcedureTo Verify Proxy Authentication is Working

  1. Verify that administrator proxy logins are working by using the following WCAP command:



    • server– The name of the server where Calendar Server is running.

      • port– The Calendar Server port number. The default port is 80.

      • admin-user – The Calendar Server administrator. For example, calmaster.

      • admin-password – The password for admin-user.

      • calendar-user – The calid of the Calendar Server user.

        If the command is successful, Calendar Server displays the calendar for calendar-user. If problems occur, Calendar Server displays “Unauthorized”. Causes might be:

      • The admin-user does not have Calendar Server administrator privileges.

      • The admin-password is incorrect.

      • The calendar-user is not a valid Calendar Server user.