Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Improving Performance of Calendar Searching by Disabling Wildcard Searches

By default, wildcard searches are disabled in Calendar Server. That is, when you search for a calendar using the graphical user interface, or when you issue search_calprops.wcap in your custom interface, it searches for an exact match to the search string passed in with the WCAP command.

If you have enabled wildcard searches by uncommenting the following line in the ics.conf file (by removing the exclamation point (“!”) at the beginning), you may be experiencing a negative impact on performance.

!service.calendarsearch.ldap.primaryownersearchfilter = "(&(|(uid=*%s*)(cn=*%s*))(objectclass=icsCalendarUser))"

To test the impact of wildcard searches on performance, comment out the line again by inserting the exclamation point (“!”) in front of it.