Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Resource Calendar Configuration Parameters

To configure resource calendars, use the parameters found in The following table:

Table E–11 Configuration Parameters for Resource Calendars


Default Value  




Determines if a calendar that belongs to a resource (such as a conference room or audio visual equipment) can have more than one event scheduled for the same time slot when the calendar is created: 

  • "no" prevents double booking.

  • "yes" allows double booking.

    This parameter is used only when a resource calendar is created.

    After a resource calendar is created, Calendar Server checks the calendar properties (ics50calprops.db) to determine if double booking is allowed.

    If you need to change the calendar properties for a resource calendar to allow or disallow double booking, use csresource with the -k option.



Specifies the default access control permissions used when a resource calendar is created. 

The default is: "@@o^a^r^g;@@o^c^wdeic^g;@^a^rsf^g"