Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Special Character Sequences for Events

The following table shows the format code and meaning for Special Character Sequences for Event Notifications.

Table E–31 Special Character Sequences for Event Notifications

Format Code  



Start time in localized format 


End time in localized format 


exdates in iCalendar format (semicolon-separated list of ISO 8601 date strings listing dates to exclude) 


rdates in iCalendar format (semicolon-separated list of ISO 8601 date strings listing recurrence dates) 


Start time (also see %Z) 


Output the start time and end time in iCalendar format. If the start time has the parameter value=date, only the month/day/year portion of the date is output. If end time has the same month/day/year value as the start time, only the start time is generated. 


Create time 


Event class 


Event description. (also see %F) 


End time (also see %Z) 


Exception rules in iCalendar format 


Event description - folded line / iCalendar format (also see %d) 


The event's geographic location (latitude and longitude) 


Organizer's email address. (There is no guarantee as to the authenticity of this value.) 


Organizer email in the form of a mailto:url 


Alarm count 




Recurrence rules in iCalendar format 


Modify time 


New line 


The current time stamp used with DTSTAMP




Recurrence id (blank if this event does not recur) 


Event sequence number 




Event status 


Unique Event Identifier 


Used in conjunction with the time field code to force the time to be rendered in UTC. (%B displays the start time in local time whereas %ZB displays the start time in UTC time.) 


Displays the percent (%) character 

% (sub-format code) 

Specifies a sub-format for the data identified by code. (For details, see Date Sub-Formatting.)