Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Run Postinstallation Configuration Programs

After you install Calendar Server, run the Directory Server Setup script ( and the Calendar Server configuration program ( as described in Chapter 2, Directory Preparation Script (

The following table describes the specific configuration information that you must provide for an HA configuration.

Table 7–1 Calendar Server Configuration Options for an HA Configuration

Configuration Panel 


Runtime Configuration 

Runtime User ID and Group ID

  • Runtime user ID is the user name under which Calendar Server will run. This name should not be root. The default is icsuser.

  • Runtime Group ID is the group under which Calendar Server will run. The default is icsgroup.

    Although the configuration program can create these names for you, you should create them before you run the configuration program, as part of the preparation of each node as described earlier in this chapter.

    These names must be in the following files:

  • icsuser (or the name you select) in /etc/passwd on all nodes in the cluster

  • icsgroup (or the name you select) in /etc/group on all nodes in the cluster

    Calendar Server Startup

    Do not check either of these options.

  • Start after successful installation

  • Start on system startup

Select Directories 

For the location of the database, temporary, and log files, select global partitions. For example: 

  • Database:/global/cal/var/csdb

  • Temporary Files: /global/cal/var/tmp

  • Logs: /global/cal/var/logs

  • Backups:/global/cal/var/hotbackupdb, and /global/cal/var/archivedb