Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Developer's Guide

Client and Server API's

Use the API's shown in the following tables to augment or override Calendar Server’s default behavior:

Table 2–1 Client API's

API: csIAccessControl

Augments or overrides the access control mechanism. 

API: csIAuthentication

Augments or overrides the login authentication mechanism. 

API: csICalendarLookup

Augments or overrides the default calendar lookup mechanism. 

API: csIDataTranslator

Augments or overrides the format translation of incoming and outgoing data. 

API: csIPlugin

Provides version control and descriptive information about the module. 

API: csIUserAttributes

Augments or overrides the mechanism for storing and retrieving user attributes. 

API: csIQualifiedCalidLookup

Retrieves a calendar ID for the specified qualified URL. 

Table 2–2 Server API's

API: csICalendarServer

Provides general server information, including version number. 

API: csIMalloc

Allows access to server’s memory allocation mechanism.