Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Developer's Guide

Application ID's (appid parameter)

The following WCAP commands accept the appid parameter:

This WCAP command parameter is used to set the value of an X-Token that ENS returns with notifications.

Applications passing this parameter in with the appropriate WCAP command can detect which ENS notifications they originated by checking the value of the X-Token X-NSCP-COMPONENT-SOURCE. Note that this X-Token is not returned by WCAP commands, only ENS notifications.

This parameter is a runtime parameter. That is, nothing is stored in the database.

If appid is present, the Event Notification Service (ENS) returns the value of appid as the value of the X-Token X-NSCP-COMPONENT-SOURCE. If the appid parameter is missing, ENS assigns the standard value to the X-Token (WCAP).

Application ID's (appid parameter) shows the effect of the presence of the appid parameter on the value of the X-Token X-NSCP-COMPONENT-SOURCE. For more information about ENS, see theSun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Event Notification Service Guide.

Table 6–2 Presence of appid and Value of X-Token X-NSCP-COMPONENT-SOURCE

appid Present?