Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes

Communications Express Interoperability

The following issues relate to the interoperability between Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook and Sun Java System Communications Express:

Address change in From: header. (4949659)

The name in the From: header changes if an attendee replies to an event invitation and attaches the winmail.dat calendar invitation. For example, Joe (using Outlook) sends an invitation to an event to Bob. Bob replies to Joe, using an email client that automatically sends the original winmail.dat calendar attachment back to Joe. When Joe opens the reply, the From: header is changed to Joe.

Email ID is a must for Outlook. (4969029)

If a person with a calendar ID but no email ID is invited to an event in Communications Express, this person is not displayed as an attendee in Outlook. An email ID is required for Outlook.

Unsubscribing to a calendar does not remove the calendar from the folder list. (5032872)

If you subscribe to or unsubscribe from a calendar in Communications Express, the information is updated in Outlook only after Outlook has been restarted. Additionally, if the LDAP configured for lookup is a replica, the subscription list is not updated until the replica is updated.

Error generated when Outlook synchronizes with server. (6175103)

If a task is created (either in Outlook or Communications Express) while Outlook is synched with the server, then the task is deleted and the user attempts to switch to the Tasks folder in Outlook, an “Unable to display all cells due to low memory” error is generated. As a workaround, switch to another folder and then back again to the Tasks folder.

Configuration parameter needs to be set in order for address book server contacts to be properly synchronized. (6229276)

The Communications Express configuration parameter delete_perm in the file needs to be set to false in order for Outlook to capture contact entries which have been deleted from Communications Express. The entry should be:


The default is true. The entry can be found at /var/opt/SUNWuwc/WEB-INF/config/ldapstore/ .

Folders with the same name but different case cannot both be displayed. Only one folder is displayed. (6268483)

If a user creates a folder in Outlook (for example, TEST) and then later in Communications Express creates a folder with the same name but different case (for example, Test) only the first folder created ( TEST) is displayed in Connector for Microsoft Outlook.

If the user then deletes the existing folder TEST in Communications Express and keeps (or creates) the folder of the same name but different case ( Test), when the user first logs onto Outlook, the folder TEST is deleted but the folder Test is not shown until the user exits and logs back into Outlook.

The following are additional issues related to Communications Express interoperability that do not have bug ids: