Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Schema Migration Guide

When to Configure the Front-end Servers

When you migrate directory domains incrementally, the front-end servers should remain configured to use Schema 1 until you have migrated the entire directory to Schema 2.

To look up user entries, the front-end servers might have to read information in any domain in the directory. The servers must be able to use the DC Tree to find user entries in the domains still in Schema 1. Once a front-end server is configured for Schema 2, it cannot recognize domain information held in the DC Tree.

After you migrate all domains to Schema 2 and reconfigure all the back-end servers to use Schema 2, you can reconfigure the front-end servers to use Schema 2.

Domain Provisioning During an Incremental Migration

If you must create a new domain during an incremental migration, create it in Schema 1, by using a 5.x (Schema 1) provisioning tool. Of course, the new domain must be managed by a server still configured to use Schema 1.

This rule assumes that the front-end servers are configured to use Schema 1 until the entire directory has been migrated to Schema 2. A front-end server configured for Schema 1 can look up user entries in an existing domain that was migrated to Schema 2; the front-end server uses the DC Tree, which still contains the old routing information to the user entries.

However, if you create a new domain with a Schema 2 provisioning tool, no domain information will exist in the DC Tree. The front-end server will be unable to find the new domain information in the Organization Tree and will not find the new user entries.

At some point in the migration, the new domain must be migrated to Schema 2 and its managing server(s) reconfigured to use Schema 2.