Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Schema Migration Guide

Migration Online or in Preview Mode

You can choose whether to migrate the LDAP directory data directly (online) or run the utility in preview mode (write an audit of the migration to an LDIF-formatted file).

Use one of the following options to specify whether to use online or preview mode:

By default, commdirmig runs in preview mode (writes the migration audit to the LDIF file). It does not migrate the directory data online.

The default AuditLDIFFile is named commdirmig.audit.ldif.n

where n is a random number appended to the file name when the LDIF file is generated. The appended number makes the file name unique, which prevents the utility from overwriting any existing LDIF file. For example:


A new AuditLDIFFile is created whenever the maximum audit LDIF file size is exceeded. The file size is set by the -m LogMaxSize option.

The default paths for the AuditLDIFFile are as follows:






commdirmig -o

commdirmig -a /home/user/migration.audit.ldif