Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Delegated Administrator Guide

Configuring the Preferred Mail Host Using the Service-Wide Default

If you want the Preferred Mail Host and Preferred Mail Store to be set using the server-wide default, you can perform the tasks described in this section.

If you need to remove the Preferred Mail Host field from the Console (specifically, from the New Organization Wizard and Organization Properties screens), you can should take the following steps:

The file lets you customize the Delegated Administrator Console for all or for individual roles.

The file is located in the directory da_base/da/WEB-INF/classes/com/sun/comm/da/resources

To remove the Preferred Mail Host from the Console, add the lines shown below to the file:

# Remove Preferred Mail Host from UI

CAUTION: You may add lines to this file for your own customization, but do not edit the lines already present. Editing existing lines could result in exceptions being thrown on the Console.

The properties in the file are of the form: Security Element Name=Permission

A Security Element Name is of the form:Role Name.Container View Name.Console Element Name

A Security Element specifies the Console element and role for which the permission is being defined. If you do not know an element name, view the source of a page to match the name on the page to the Console element you are interested in.

The names on the page are fully qualified names. You need to pick up only the last two elements of the name, which form Container View Name.Console Element Name.

Valid role names for Delegated Administrator are as follows:

“ProviderAdminRole” (SPA) For information about this role, see Appendix A, Service Provider Administrator and Service Provider Organizations.

“OrganizationAdminRole” (OA)

“Top-levelAdminRole” (TLA)

“*” (applies a permission to all roles unless it is overridden for a specific role)

A permission must be one of the following strings: