Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Delegated Administrator Guide

One-Tiered Hierarchy

In this scenario, a company or organization might support hundreds or thousands of employees or users. All users are grouped in a single organization. A single administrator role views and manages the entire group. There is no delegation of administrative tasks.

Figure 1–1 shows an example of the administrator role in a single-organization, one-tiered hierarchy.

Figure 1–1 Administrator Role in a One-Tiered Hierarchy

Administrator Role in a One-Tiered Hierarchy.

In this one-tiered hierarchy, the administrator is called the Top-Level Administrator (TLA).

In the example shown in Figure 1–1, the TLA directly manages and provisions the users (User1, User2, up to Usern).

If you have one organization in your directory, the TLA is the only administrator you need.

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