Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Delegated Administrator Guide

Sample Service Package Assigned to an LDAP Entry

When you use Delegated Administrator to assign a service package to a user or group, a single attribute (inetCOS) is added to the user or group entry in the LDAP directory. The value of the inetCOS attribute assigns the entire service package to the user or group, including the service and any attributes associated with that service. (inetCOS is a multi-valued attribute.)

For example, suppose you assign the platinum package to a user. The following attribute is added to the user entry:

inetCOS: platinum

The platinum package provides mail service to the user. The package also contains the following values for mail attributes. Thus, assigning the platinum package has the effect of adding these attributes to the user entry:

mailMsgMaxBlocks: 800
mailQuota: 10000000
mailMsgQuota: 6000
mailAllowedServiceAccess: +imaps:ALL$+pops:ALL$+smtps:ALL$+http:ALL

The Access Manager service definition provides the object classes and attributes required for the mail and/or calendar service. When you assign the service package, Delegated Administrator adds these object classes and attributes to the user or group entry.