Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Delegated Administrator Guide

Run the Directory Server Setup Script

Before configuring Delegated Administrator, Messaging Server, or Calendar Server, the Directory Server Preparation Tool script ( must be run. You only need to run the script once.

This script configures your LDAP Directory Server to work with Delegated Administrator, Messaging Server, or Calendar Server configurations. The script prepares the Directory Server by setting up new schema, index, and configuration data.

See the Sun Java System Messaging Server Administration Guide or the Sun Java System Calendar Server Administration Guide for instructions and options for the script.

In order to run Delegated Administrator, you must select the “Schema 2” schema type when running the script.

Consolidating ACIs in the Directory

For large-scale installations with Access Manager, Messaging Server, and an LDAP Schema 2 directory, you might want to consolidate the Access Control Instructions (ACIs) in your directory.

When you install Access Manager with Messaging Server, a large number of ACIs initially are installed in the directory. Many default ACIs are not needed or used by Messaging Server. You can improve the performance of Directory Server and, consequently, of Messaging Server look-ups, by consolidating and reducing the number of default ACIs in the directory.

For information about how to consolidate and discard unused ACIs, see Appendix E, Consolidating ACIs for Directory Server Performance later in this guide.